The game starts in this far far future on earth, where the physical attributes of the planet is disturbed, and the main protagonist is in search for answers to his many unanswered questions, he is been saved by female character and he wants to know, why he is in this robot body, he also sees a delusion of his past life, where he sees his wife and kid. He is trying to figure out what has caused this and how he can stop this wherein he starts exploring the planet with open world and sci-fi structure, his ultimate adventure begins!!!!!!

Paradox is a sci-fi, R.P.G and exploration VR game

The game is currently targeted for Samsung Gear VR, Google Carboard and Oculus Rift Platform.

Limpidfrog and Utopic have already created a game together (HANSEL AND GRETEL)

We are currently working insanely hard to bring a beta version soon, a lot is on the way.



Casual connect San Francisco 2016


Limpidfrog Team
Sudipto Naskar

Sudipto Naskar

Art Director , Concept Artist and 3D Lead

He is one of the co-founder of Limpidfrog, having a professional experience in the industry for around 5 years, working as a Concept artist, character designer and Scene layout Artist. He have majorly contributed in some movies from south and worked majorly in games “BIRD OF LIGHT”, “HANSEL AND GRETEL”


Creative Director, Writer and Artist

He is also the co-founder of Limpidfrog, having a professional experience in the industry for around 6 years, working as a Concept designer in the film, and video games industry. Went to Santiniketan, Visva-Bharati. Have worked in many movies from south India and games, “BIRD OF LIGHT” , “HANSEL AND GRETEL” to name a few.

Italo poscai

Lead 3D Artist

He have a experience of 12 years in creative industry, he have been with limpidfrog since a long time now.

Anand Mhetre

Lead Concept Artist and Visual development Artist

He have completed G D Art Diploma in Drawing & Painting at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. He have a experience of 6+ years, in his professional career he have worked in few animated TV series like ”CHOP CHOP”, “LAND OF OZ” and in many games like the famous “MAFIA WARS”.


Social media strategist and marketing manager

He is also a co-founder of Limpidfrog, he takes care of all the creative promotion at limpidfrog and work closely with potential investors and clients to give them the best on what they invest.

Utopic Team

Pedro Vargas


He is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mad Reading. He is in charge to develop our philosophy into a game experience and defining the product. Pedro has worked at Ubisoft a game company as Interactive Designer and being involved in the development of business for several games prototypes to be launched on the mobile market.

Gabriel Correa

Chief of Unity3D Developer

He recently graduated from Computer Sciences at Universidad de Chile and has been working on videogames since then. He has worked on videogame projects for visually impaired children and usually assists to Game Jam events. Now, he is helping with the development of Mad Reading, a tablet game designed for children.

Marion Esquian

UI artist

Marion is an independent game developer. After studying interaction design in France she moved to Canada to specialize in game design. She previously worked at Juicy Beast, an indie game studio, as a UI designer and she is now studying game design while participating in organizations that celebrate diversity in video games, like Pixelles and Mont Royal Game Society. She is the UI designer on the game.

Guillaume Opalach

Software Engineer

He knew early in her studies that he wanted to become a computer scientist. Then she discovered Virtual Reality and decided to specialize in this field. He worked as a software Engineer and then he became a 3D videogame Developer, creating mobile apps using Augmented Reality.


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